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We are a team of professional licensed paralegals headed by TicketSave director Sean Leonard O’Connor. Sean has more than 15 years of experience in the field.  His excellent track record and professionalism has been utilized by various Toronto Film Production companies. Our company provides focused representation for complex cases and appeals in the Ontario Court system under the Provincial Offenses Act.

We represent the public in matters including: minor Criminal charge(s), all Traffic violations and Municipal By-Law infractions. We are licensed to serve clients in every town and city in the province of Ontario.

No matter the area of  law your problem arises from, we have the experience you need to win. We can resolve it quickly and professionally with a fee you can afford.
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We have represented thousands of clients during our many years of court experience and nothing speaks more highly of our company’s reputation than the constant flow of new clients, referred to us by satisfied former clients.

Our goal: to professionally manage each case, effectively represent and protect each client’s specific interests and to continuously upgrade our standing and understanding of the laws within the Provincial Offenses Act of Ontario.

We verily make oath and say: we will manage and represent your interests to the highest standards set out by The Law Society of Upper Canada.



TicketSave is the only paralegal service dedicated in Parking Ticket debt management. Our mission is to save our clients the most money possible.

Our experience in parking ticket Appeals, Re-openings and Fine Extensions could save you up to 55% in fines from parking tickets.

For Example: If you owe $1000 in parking tickets fines your savings could be up to $550 in surcharges and fees.

A TicketSave team member is waiting to assist you in securing a monthly payment arrangement right now.

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