Sean O’Connor is the owner and head paralegal of Ticket Save paralegal team, with over 15 years of Traffic and Small Claims Court experience:

“Sean, it was a pleasure working with you. I was truly in a dire spot facing severe fines, suspensions and possible jail… what you did for me was amazing.. again thank you for all your help and wish you all the success for you and your clients.”

Joseph K.

“I run a busy office. Our applicants come to us with a variety of issues which cause the grief.  When our clients are having difficulty with deriving infractions, I have been recommending with confidence for over 8 yrs. Being well organized, I always follow-up on my referrals, and I have found that my clients always feel very well presented and exceptionally respected as they are treated in a very caring, direct and candid manner.   For these reasons, I continue to refer to those in need, and “yes”, I am also a happy recipient of their good work ! ”

Ian levine, Program Co-ordinator

“I have been working with TicketSave for over 10 years, when I was referred to them by my sister. She was raving about how professional and dedicated Sean, director & head paralegal of TicketSave, was on winning. With her glowing recommendation, I gave Sean a call, and was immediately amazed at his dedication to service. He was at my office within a few hours to meet and discuss my ticket. Since then, I have used Sean and his company to fight every single one of my tickets, and he has never let me down. With a personal success rate of 100%, I have now begun using Sean for all of our drivers, as well as my friends and clients. With a small fleet of vehicles, our employees’ driving records effect our fleet insurance rate. As such, I now use TicketSave to defend every ticket they get. What continues to amaze me about Sean, is that while his business has exploded over the last decade, he still insists on coming to meet me in person to pick up every ticket. What a guy.

Sean, fantastic business, fantastic service. Keep up the great work!”

Kevin Vlahopoulos, Chief Of Op./Vice President
Tri-Can Contract Inc.

“I have been using TicketSave to deal with my municipal and highway traffic act issues for the past couple of years. They have surpassed ALL my expectations.”

Mike Pereira
Towtal Roadside  Solutions

“Sean and his TicketSave team get results! I was really worried about the tickets that I had and how, if convicted I would be able to continue to be able to afford insurance. He methodically built the strategies to defend me and saved me much time and money. I’ve used other services that claim to do the same thing, when all they really do is what you could have done yourself and you end up wasting your time and money. Sean and his team have unique skills and experience. They go the extra mile…..and that makes all the difference.

John Jones

Ticket Save is great.  I will definitely recommend them to anyone who requires assistance with any traffic violations.  They know the ins and outs of the law and as well as how the court system works.  They even went with me to the scene of the incident, so that they could have a better understanding of the circumstances. A very professional company.

Craig Henderson

“We would like to thank you for helping us get out of really trying situation. With your experience and knowledge you helped us pull through what could have been a horrible outcome. Thank you very much.”

Rolando Scarpelli

“My experience of TicketSave acting on my behalf was very professional. Their knowledge of the law, proceedings and legal system was thorough  and i felt confident and comfortable. Mr. O’Connor,on several occasions went beyond what was expected of him to deliver successfully the outcome he had stated he would. Should the need arise, I would use Mr. O’Connor’s service again without a doubt.”

Stuart Moore

“Highly knowledgeable on traffic court laws, TicketSave saved me both money and demerit points on a big traffic ticket and have also used their consultation services regarding small claims court, did I mention knowledgeable?? Recommended each time!”

Maria Kokkinos

“I was referred to TSC from a friend, and I highly recommend their services. They always returned my calls quickly, and were happy to answer all my questions. They did exactly what they said they would. They also called me so I knew when I was in court, which was a big help because I had forgotten. I now refer my friends and they always thank me for it. I have used TSC’s services for different things and have always appreciated the results. You have my two thumbs up.”

Conrad C.

“I had a couple of really bad traffic tickets and several minor tickets suspending my license because I never went to court. TSC was not only able to get me a re-opening, I was also found not guilty on the worst tickets at trial. Suffice to say, TSC is the real deal, and worth every penny of it.”
Tom B.

“I have used TicketSave’s services for traffic tickets and small claims court. I don’t get a lot of traffic tickets but I have gotten my share.  Sean was able to get the worst ticket dismissed because of his understanding of the law for unreasonable delay to trial.  I keep Sean’s card in my rolodex and always refer my friends and contacts to him. I can verily say Sean is my Ticket Guy. I am happy to say Sean has become a trusted friend of mine since I called for help 5 years ago. Thanks again, Sean.”

Ray W.

“Sean helped me with parking ticket fines. I had known Sean for a couple of years when I mentioned to him that I was having some legal problems. He helped me organize what was important to my appeal and helped me to resolve my problem. I went for my appeal and Sean, with the assistance of the prosecutor, was able to save me thousands, and I mean thousands. He also asked the judge to put me on a monthly payment plan so I could afford to pay my fines. Even though it will be months before I pay off all my fines, I would not even be close to paying them off, if I had not asked Sean for his help.”

Frank B.

“If you want to have excellent results, then I highly recommend TicketSave. Sean, the owner, is a hard working person who is there working for his clients with very good results.  You need help you need TicketSave.”

Susan Cohen

“As a student paralegal working at TicketSave, I found the experience to be much more then what I had anticipated for.Working for Mr. Sean O’Connor, whom is a licensed paralegal and a member in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada, has opened my perception of a day in the life of a paralegal.

Each day the TicketSave team of paralegals work towards their mission of successfully helping others who have been charged under the Highway Traffic Act, Criminal Code or gone through the small claims process.  Without a doubt, they represent clients with honesty and integrity and they bring that passion forward into the courts. Their hard work and dedication is exemplified by calling clients every moment of the day whenever they receive any information on their clients matter. They demonstrate strong leadership skills in the courtroom and are fully focused when taking on any matter that comes their way.

TicketSave has a strong reputation that cannot be beat. Each day going into the courtroom has shown me how knowledgeable in the law one must be in order to obtain justice for their clients. They understand the relevant laws and how those laws should be applied to get the success their clients want. Mr. O’Connor and his paralegal team understand the relevant laws and how those laws should be applied, and use this knowledge and wisdom to get the success resolution their clients paid for.

At TicketSave each case that is heard is unique and confidential, therefore, the time and commitment that TicketSave spends on each case is reflected from the time they retain a client to the time the matter is complete. The effort the TCS team expends is unrelenting, and this is evident in the results Mr. O’Connor and the TCS team receive.

I would recommend that anyone seeking legal representative should call a reputable paralegal; BUT, one that you can trust. That is why TicketSave should be the paralegal firm for you. The knowledge and understanding that I have luckily been given is one that I can proudly say was entrusted into me from a reputable and  organized firm like TicketSave.

Thank you Sean O’Connor, from TicketSave for an amazing opportunity in allowing me to gain an incredible insight into the legal profession.”

Aurora Evangelista


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