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  • Careless Driving in Ontario

    careless driving ontario, careless driving charge, careless driving ticket

    FREE Consultation, Click To Call: 416.835.7411 When it comes to preventing a Careless Driving ticket there are a couple of things you really need to know: START CARING BEFORE YOU GET CHARGED!!!! You might be able to, often with the right help, turn a careless driving charge around Caring about the rules for drivers in […]

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  • Stunt Driving & Careless Driving Offences – Ontario

    Stunt Driving Ontario Careless Driving

    FREE Consultation, Click To Call: 416.835.7411 Defend your demerit points by calling TicketSave today to fight your stunt driving or careless driving ticket: 416-835-7411 Section 172, of the Highway Traffic Act, states: “No person shall drive a motor vehicle on a highway in a race or contest, while performing a stunt or on a bet […]

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