• Traffic Ticket Paralegals vs. Traffic Ticket Lawyers: What’s your best choice?

    traffic ticket lawyer toronto

    It’s decided! You’re not taking any chances with your good driving record. So, you’re not going to represent yourself in court for a traffic ticket, but who will? Should you choose a lawyer, or a paralegal? Traffic ticket lawyers are usually more expensive than traffic ticket paralegals. Does that make them a safer bet? When […]

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  • Fight a speeding ticket & speeding ticket points

    fight speeding ticket points Ontario

    FREE Consultation, Click To Call: 416.835.7411 Defend your demerit points by calling TicketSave today to fight your speeding ticket: 416-835-7411 Before we look to fight a speeding ticket, we need to ask a few questions: What kind of charge is it; strict or absolute liability offence? At what speed was I recorded at? What speed […]

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