Fight Traffic Tickets with TicketSave’s App

App Developer:

The TicketSave App will help you make an informed decision regarding fighting a traffic ticket, speeding ticket, or Toronto parking ticket. Should you choose to fight a ticket within the legal time frame, you can use this app to take a picture of your ticket and TicketSave will file your ticket for trial. We aim to save you time and money.

For over 15 years TicketSave has offered Traffic Court specialized Paralegal services in Toronto. We can help you with a variety of traffic tickets and citations, speeding tickets, warrants, driving with a suspended license, accident charges, and red light camera tickets.

We can help you protect your good driving record, avoid car insurance increases, decrease demerit points penalties, save on ticket fines and even avoid jail time.

TicketSave is a team of professional licensed paralegals and a member of The Upper Law Society of Canada and the Paralegal Society of Ontario. Please contact our Toronto office by phone or email for more information.

Why not get started today? Download the TicketSave mobile app, submit any qualified ticket to our office and we’ll file it for trial for you. Both the app and the service is free for a limited time.