Traffic Ticket Paralegals vs. Traffic Ticket Lawyers: What’s your best choice?

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It’s decided! You’re not taking any chances with your good driving record. So, you’re not going to represent yourself in court for a traffic ticket, but who will?

Should you choose a lawyer, or a paralegal? Traffic ticket lawyers are usually more expensive than traffic ticket paralegals. Does that make them a safer bet? When it comes to these experts, a skilled traffic ticket paralegal is likely your best choice to represent and defend you.

A paralegal is fully licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada. In accordance, the governing body states that By-Law 4, of the Law Society of Upper Canada specifies that a paralegal can represent an individual:

  • In the Ontario Court of Justice with respect to a charge under the Provincial Offences Act (e.g., a speeding ticket or a distracted driving ticket)
  • In the Ontario Court of Justice in minor criminal charges under the Criminal Code
  • On a summary conviction charge under the Criminal Code for which the maximum penalty does not exceed 6 months imprisonment
  • In hearings before tribunals (e.g., Landlord Tenant Board or the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board or the Financial Services Commission of Ontario which deals with Pension and Insurance cases)
  • In litigation when dealing with matters under $25,000 in Small Claims Court


The Paralegal is Licenced to:

  • Represent you in a specific proceeding
  • Give legal advice regarding your rights and responsibilities concerning a specific proceeding
  • Advise you on the subject matter of a specific proceeding
  • Draft documents for use in a specific proceeding, or assist with drafting documents in a specific proceeding
  • Negotiate on behalf of a person who is a party to a specific proceeding.


The comparison of lawyers and paralegals is discussed in a Globe and Mail article written by Jessica Prince and Rory Gillis titled:

Lawyers are too expensive for most Canadians. Give more work to paralegals


“In Ontario, the Law Society of Upper Canada – the professional body that regulates lawyers – has also been regulating paralegals for the past six years. Moreover, paralegals in Ontario are required to carry insurance, just like lawyers, in order to practice.”

The article also stated the distinctions between lawyers and paralegals.

….“While a Canadian lawyer’s education is general, academic and covers most areas of law over three years at university, paralegals in Ontario currently receive a more practice-oriented education in a two-year accredited college program.”

The apparent success of paralegals to offer ethically fair and effective legal services to the public that is financially within reason is supported by a popular movement to further expand paralegals practice areas as suggested by many legal authorities and described in the same article.

….“ It might make sense for paralegals to be trained and licensed in even narrower fields. Imagine, a specialized divorce proceedings paralegal or a paralegal who specializes in drafting real estate documents. These individuals could obtain competence through a more targeted training and excellence through experience.”

Jessica Prince and Rory Gillis are lawyers in Toronto. At the time of this article they volunteered at a low-income legal assistance clinic.

A traffic ticket paralegal will represent you fully and fairly.

If you value your driving record and need expert representation in court with your traffic ticket, Contact TicketSave Paralegal experts for a FREE consultation: 416.835.7411