• Professional Help for the Ontario Cannabis Retail Sales License Application

    ontario cannabis retail sales license application

    By Danielle Boyer for Ticketsave.ca UPDATE NOVEMBER 19TH 2018 Information Update on the Application Process for a Private Cannabis Retail Store License in Ontario A private cannabis retail store license in Ontario is now called the AGCO RETAIL OPERATOR LICENSE for Cannabis Sales in Ontario. On Monday, December 17, 2018 the AGCO will start accepting on-line applications […]

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  • I’m Facing a Liquor License Suspension What Do I Do?

    liquor license suspension ontario

    A Liquor Inspector is designated as a Provincial Offences Officer with duties that include conducting scheduled inspections of establishments to ensure full compliance with the LLA (Liquor Licensing Act) Regulations. They inspect all prospective licensed establishments to verify licenses and application requirements. What Kind of Things Cause Liquor License Penalties? For a schedule of monetary […]

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  • Traffic Ticket Paralegals vs. Traffic Ticket Lawyers: What’s your best choice?

    traffic ticket lawyer toronto

    It’s decided! You’re not taking any chances with your good driving record. So, you’re not going to represent yourself in court for a traffic ticket, but who will? Should you choose a lawyer, or a paralegal? Traffic ticket lawyers are usually more expensive than traffic ticket paralegals. Does that make them a safer bet? When […]

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  • New Condo Act Passed But is Not Yet Enforceable

    Confominium act 2015, ontario condo act 2015, bill 160

    The new Condominium Act 2015 (sometimes called Protecting Condominium Owners Act 2015) passed in the Ontario Legislature on December 3rd 2015. The big news is Bill 106 (Condo Act 2015) won’t come into effect until its rules and regulations are drafted and proclaimed by the government. Past experience shows it could take 3 years for […]

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  • Careless Driving in Ontario

    careless driving ontario, careless driving charge, careless driving ticket

    FREE Consultation, Click To Call: 416.835.7411 When it comes to preventing a Careless Driving ticket there are a couple of things you really need to know: START CARING BEFORE YOU GET CHARGED!!!! You might be able to, often with the right help, turn a careless driving charge around Caring about the rules for drivers in […]

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  • Stunt Driving & Careless Driving Offences – Ontario

    Stunt Driving Ontario Careless Driving

    FREE Consultation, Click To Call: 416.835.7411 Defend your demerit points by calling TicketSave today to fight your stunt driving or careless driving ticket: 416-835-7411 Section 172, of the Highway Traffic Act, states: “No person shall drive a motor vehicle on a highway in a race or contest, while performing a stunt or on a bet […]

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  • Fight a speeding ticket & speeding ticket points

    fight speeding ticket points Ontario

    FREE Consultation, Click To Call: 416.835.7411 Defend your demerit points by calling TicketSave today to fight your speeding ticket: 416-835-7411 Before we look to fight a speeding ticket, we need to ask a few questions: What kind of charge is it; strict or absolute liability offence? At what speed was I recorded at? What speed […]

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  • Baskets For Babies: Party & Fundraiser Summer 2014

    baskets for babies

    Baskets for Babies Annual Summer Dance 2014 Date: Saturday, July 12th 2014 Time: 8:00pm to 1:00am Place: Royal Canadian Legion 1395 Lakeshore Blvd., West Toronto, ON M6K 3C1 Contact: 416.835.7411 Move, Groove & Inspire! Move yourself over to the Royal Canadian Legion on Lakeshore Blvd., West at Jameson Avenue the evening of July 12th, 2014 […]

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  • Baskets For Babies: Christmas Party & Fundraiser

    TicketSave is proud to be a sponsor of Baskets For Babies. BFB is a charitable organization serving Toronto & the GTA area, dedicated to fulfilling the immediate needs of bottle-aged children with formula, diapers & clothing. In addition, BFB endeavours to empower new & expectant mothers with take-home educational materials & referrals to professionals with […]

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  • What to do if your driver’s license is suspended in Ontario

    FREE Consultation, Click To Call: 416.835.7411 Defend your demerit points and driving record by calling TicketSave today to fight your driving without a license offence: 416-835-7411 For a variety of reasons, Ontario drivers can have their license suspended. If you’re one of those people, you might be feeling pretty nervous, and unsure of what to […]

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