Traffic Ticket Appeals in Ontario

Traffic ticket appeals are very difficult to prepare and win.
There are several reasons why someone would want to submit an application for appeal from conviction and/or sentence:

1. When your conviction is the result of a criminal impersonation

2. When the presiding Justice of the Peace erred in his/her decision

3. When the Justice of the Peace erred in their reasons for his/her decision

4. When you are not guilty and received an unfavourable decision

5. When a hired representative either failed to present, or missed a key piece of evidence

6. When a hired representative fails to examine or cross-examine a key witness properly

7. When evidence could not be made available at trial, or when you were unaware of the existence of evidence

8. When the fine imposed is inconsistent with statute

9. When the fine imposed is beyond your ability to pay and is causing undue financial burden

Make no mistake about it; filing an appeal from conviction and/or sentence is a difficult task.

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We individually prepare each of the following for every appeal we represent:

  • All the research
  • Primary and Secondary documentation
  • Supporting documentation
  • Subpoenas and Affidavits of Service: we personally serve and file all Provincial Offences Act “Subpoena to witness.”
  • All relevant case law, both recent and established.

To make absolutely certain our core relevant appeal arguments have the best possible chance of being successful we rehearse each appeal presentation to expose every possible: weakness, question or retort the Prosecution’s Office could render.

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